Bali LocationsBali Locations


Seminyak BaliThe Seminyak of today is very different from the Seminyak of ten years ago. If the development and up scaling of Bali is noticeable anywhere, then it is here in this fashion hub of holiday destinations. Read more about Seminyak



Legian BaliLegian is a located on the west coast of Bali where you will find beaches, luxury villas, and a multitude of shopping and entertainment options at every corner.  Legian makes an excellent place to visit when travelling to/through Bali – a high-quality destination. Read more about Legian



Sanur BaliSanur is a quaint village in Bali, where you are guaranteed to enjoy and relish your vacation with your loved ones. With three kilometers of coastline, Sanur boasts the beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear water that the southern area of Bali is known for, but the village has far more than that. Restaurants, cafes, and shopping outlets are all available for travelers looking to indulge themselves; Sanur also has accommodations ranging from excellent budget stays to five-star, luxury hotels, and beautiful private villas. Read more about Sanur


Jimbaran BaliMany people look to Bali when they are searching for their perfect holiday destination; if you’re considering Bali, then look no further than Jimbaran, a place where the magnificent sunrises, delicious sea food, luxury villas, and astounding natural beauty will leave you with memories that last for a lifetime. It’s always fun to go on a vacation somewhere exotic, staying far away from home – however, when the environment is as enchanting as it is here, then you can’t resist wanting to extend your stay as long as possible. Read more about Jimbaran


Uluwatu BaliLooking for that culture rich holiday without the hustle and bustle of party goers and loud tourists? If so then look no further than Uluwatu, Bali. It is not a tourist spot unlike many other areas of Bali and it offers the peace, harmony and beauty that is associated with Indonesia. Read more about Uluwatu


Kuta BaliLocated in Southern Bali, Kuta is one of the more famous destinations in Bali, enjoyed by visitors from all around the globe. Some of its best features include the captivating sunsets, vivacious nightlife, endless white sand beaches, delicious food, and luxury villas, all of which bring thousands of world travelers here every year. Read more about Kuta

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua BaliBali ranks very highly on the world’s list of the most desirable holiday destinations; people from all around the globe come here, due to the amazing food, peaceful beaches, fun shopping and night life, luxurious villas, and abundant natural beauty that Bali possesses – and Nusa Dua is no exception. Read more about Nusa Dua


Canggu BaliCanggu is a historic village, located in the southeast section of the Tanah Lot district, within the territory of Bali. It boasts nearby rivers, rice fields, beaches, and forest, a perfect place for travelers looking for adventure. Surfers are particularly drawn here, but the exciting activities certainly don’t stop there, as this is a place with the ability to offer you a huge variety of experiences. Read more about Canggu


Ubud BaliUbud. The cultural core of Bali. The harmony, beauty and peace of Bali may be lost in the areas more frequented by partygoers such as Kuta, but in Ubud it is raditated from every gallery, every building and every shop. The history of Ubudis practically the history of Bali itself and that should be enticing enough for anyone wanting to visit these gorgeous villages. Read more about Ubud


Umalas BaliSituated in the area just north of Seminyak, Umalas is a holiday destination for those wanting a cheaper, quieter and less commercialized holiday in Bali. Only a short drive away from the activities available in the bigger areas, Umalas is very popular with the expat population and comes with luxury villas and is away from the hustle and bustle of the Legian and Kuta. The village boasts restaurants, luxury villas and boutiques in and around the areas. Read more about Umalas

Batu Belig

Batu Belig BaliIndonesia possesses some of the world’s most beautiful and eye-pleasing natural vistas. Lately, these secluded and breathtaking spots in Indonesia have begun to develop into unique holiday destinations, and Batu Belig is one of these recently discovered getaways, with a huge variety of natural features and traditional Indonesian culture to offer visitors. Read more about Batu Belig

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot BaliMeaning ‘Land (in the) Sea’, Tanah Lot is a temple claimed to have been built by the fifteenth century Hindu priest Nirartha. Located on a rock off the shore of Tabanan Tanah Lot is a sacred and holy place to the Balinese people and it features strongly in their spiritualism and mythology. Read more about Tanah Lot

Candi Dasa

Candi Dasa BaliCandi Dasa is known as the best destination for the visitors who come to explore the wonders of Karangasam. Undoubtedly, this place possesses some of the most incredible sights in the whole world – rice fields, mountains, jungle and much more in this spectacular, secluded jewel. Read more about Candi Dasa

Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan BaliWhen searching for the perfect holiday destination, there are two specific things that most people are looking for – many vacationers are looking for a peaceful, relaxing stay in a place filled with natural beauty, while others want a vibrant, exciting trip, full of things to see and places to explore. When you choose Nusa Lembongan, you can find both in one spectacuar destination – as your holiday destination both the criteria can be fulfilled. Read more about Nusa Lembongan

Gili T

Gili T BaliGili T, sometimes called Lombok (which means ‘chili pepper’) due to its whimsical shape, is an amazingly beautiful chain of islands in Indonesia, filled with natural beauty and breathtaking sights. The main island, Lombok, is situated 375 kilometers south of the equator, so the island has a mild tropical climate and warm sea water – the temperature stays a balmy 27° C to 30° C year-round. Indonesia’s 2nd highest mountain, Mount Rinjani, is on Lombok. Read more about Gili T

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