5 Tips to Prevent Overseas Holiday Hassles

Prevent Overseas Holiday HasslesGoing overseas on a holiday is fun and exciting but it can be stressful if you’ve never been before and sometimes, even if you have. Being stressed out will spoil your fun and enjoyment, so here are 5 tips to help prevent hassle when you travel on your next overseas holiday.

  • Get all the formalities out of the way early on. These include
  • Your passport: when things are straightforward, it takes around 3 weeks to get a passport, but allow for delays.  If you have one already check the expiry date because some governments require it to be at least 6 months away and if it’s not they won’t let you in.
  • Visa:  While many countries don’t require a visa, many more do and this applies to countries that you are just travelling through as well as those you intend to stay in. Your travel agency should be able to help you.
  • Credit card: Before you leave, go to the bank and let them know where you are going. This will prevent them from freezing what they consider to be suspicious activities on the card. Also find out what fees apply to overseas transactions.
  • Take out travel insurance that also covers you for travel in Australia, just in case you have an accident getting to the ship or plane. It can be used if your goods get lost or stolen, if the airline goes on strike and you have to stay longer and for sickness or accidental injury and you need a doctor or emergency dentist.
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Two Thai Nationals Arrested for Crystal Meth Smuggling

Crystal Meth SmugglingLast month, two Thai nationals were arrested at Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali after attempts were made to smuggle over one kilogram of crystal methamphetamine out of the country.

Prakob Seetasang, an electrician, and Radisson Phenlamat, a tattooist, were arrested on May 13 after customs officers grew suspicious of irregularities on their screening equipment.

Both men were subjected to a belongings search, before they were taken to the BIMC Hospital in Kuta, Badung for body and X-ray scans. The X-rays revealed that foreign objects were contained in the digestive tracts of both men.

Officials stated that the foreign objects were narcotics the men had attempted to conceal by swallowing them. Once removed, 100 bags of crystal meth, known as shabu in Bali, were recovered – weighing 1.08 kilograms. The meth had a local street value of IDR 1.48 billion, or a little under AUD 150,000, and would serve a market of around 5,000 people.

The customs chief at Ngurah Rai International Airport, Himawan Indarjano, said the ‘swallow’ method is a difficult one. It both endangers the smugglers and is challenging to detect. However, it appears smuggling is not something new to either Prakob or Radisson.

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Do You Have a Business in Bali?

bali-businessThere are many foreigners who have started up a business in Bali, including Australians. It is easy to think you don’t need a website in such a place, since there will be a lot of foot traffic going past your business, but making the most of every opportunity should be an important part of your business, so make sure you consult a professional digital agency to get advice on web design and SEO for your business.

That way your web designer will be able to create the best kind of website to suit your particular business model and you may be surprised at the extra business it brings in. If you are an Australian, contacting an seo company based in Australia that knows a bit about Bali may be the best way forward.  At least you’ll be able to understand the accent and they’ll be able to understand what you want, especially since much of your custom is likely to come from Aussie tourists.

If you don’t have a business in Bali, but are considering one, make sure you choose something that is a good fit for your skills. For instance, if you can’t dive you wouldn’t make a good dive instructor.  It could be: –

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Crowded Bali Tourist Areas Need Restructuring

CROWDED-BALI-TOURIST-AREAS-NEED-RESTRUCTURINGBali’s tourism industry has grown, and with that growth has come the need to restructure some of the overly crowded tourist areas. Those who are stakeholders in tourist zones are urging the authorities to restructure these overly crowded areas to improve the business climate. These are especially noticeable in some of the Bali’s southern destinations.

Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) for Badung regency, Alit Wiraputra, said some of the more popular tourist areas in South Bali like Legian, Nusa Dua, Petitenget, and Seminyak have become over crowded. Development in these areas is out of control and will continue to be so if a wells structure plan is not put into place. According to holiday experts Easy Villas, Bali villas have grown in popularity and provide an accommodation alternative to the far too crowded and busy hotels.

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Bali Hatten Wines Wins 4 Golds at Recent Awards 2013

Bali-Hatten-Wines-Wins-4-GoldsBali is known for many things – its temples, great food, stunning holiday Bali villas, nightlife, and its wineries. Hatten Wines is proud to have yet another international achievement under their belts taking home 4 gold medals and 1 silver at the China Wine and Spirits Awards 2013, which were held in Hong Kong.

According to a recent news article, this is the largest and the most prestigious event of its kind in China and so for Hatten Wines this must be a very big deal.

Hatten Wines is the first and only Balinese winery that is located in the heart of Sanur. It has been in business since 1994 bringing their delicious wines to restaurants, bars, and hotels. This is a family owned winery, which makes this win that much more special. It is owned by the Dewi Sri company, the makers of Arak Bali and Brem Bali.

For locals this might not be too big of a surprise. After all, they are familiar with this tasty wine. Hatten Wines isn’t new to awards as they have taken several in the past years. But in this event there were 5,375 wines from 35 countries that were tasted and put to the test by the 100 judges. So to take a gold in that kind of competition should be a proud moment. To take 4 golds and 1 silver should puff you up like never before. Moreover, for wine drinkers you should certainly take note that this is a wine worth trying.

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Bali Film Industry News – Oliver Stone Wraps “Savages”

savages-logoGuess what just got done filming on the island of Bali? Savages, a film directed by Oliver Stone set in Mexico but filmed in Bali. Bali Film Center has cast shots and behind-the-scenes pics.

How exciting is it that this film just finished wrapping in the tropical paradise of Bali? Who wouldn’t be sorry to have missed vacationing this time of year there and catching a glimpse of the shoot? How amazing is it that John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Salma Hayek – Quentin Tarantino regulars, all – were a part of this picture? If you were to come back from swimming off the beach just in time to catch sizzling sexy Salma Hayek looking at you all “well hello there”, would that not top every vacation you’d ever taken?

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