10 Traditional Balinese Meals You Should Try To Cook In Your Bali Villa’s Kitchen

There are lots of reasons why holidaymakers chose Bali villas as their preferred choice of accommodation rather than a hotel in Bali. One of the most obvious is privacy, given that you will be sharing the accommodation only with your friends or family, rather than hundreds of other holidaymakers as is the case in a hotel. Another benefit is that you can come and go as you please and are obviously not restricted to the specific mealtimes that hotels have.

Another benefit of a Bali villa concerning food is that you are free to eat whatever you wish rather than having to eat what your hotel offers at each mealtime. This allows you to purchase takeaway food and take it home with you or have it delivered, but there is an even better option and that is to cook meals yourself.

In many cases those meals may be similar to those that you would cook at home, however, given that there will be a plentiful supply of ingredients including meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, rice, noodles, and fruit, it would be even better if you were to cook and prepare some of the traditional dishes local to Bali.

Not only would it give you a chance to experience local foods first-hand, but as Bali’s cuisine is also deemed one of the healthiest there is, it would mean that everyone who eats those meals is eating sensibly and nutritiously. To give you an idea of some of the meals you can attempt in your Bali villa, here are ten suggestions that we hope you will try.

#1 – Mie Goreng: Bali’s version of stir-fried noodles and very easy to prepare. Made from egg noodles, vegetables, soy sauce and meats of your choice.

#2 – Gado Gado: An Indonesian salad that can include meats or no meats for vegetarians. Core ingredients include kidney beans, bean sprouts, cucumbers, tofu, and tempeh and occasionally eggs, with a peanut sauce dressing

#3 – Babi Guling: Bali’s most famous meal is suckling pig which does take some effort given that it should be stuffed with spices and vegetables and hand-turned over an open fire.

#4 – Nasi Campur: A rice dish that is served with small portions of different meats, fish, and a variety of vegetables which probably explains why campur translates to ‘mix’.

#5 – Sate Skewers: The skewers can have rabbit, goat, beef, or chicken all served with a spicy sauce, although,  in truth, the choice of sauce is up to you

#6 – Pepes Ikan: This is a whole fish that is first marinated in spices, then wrapped in banana leaves, before being steamed.

#7 – Ayam or Bebek Betutu: This can be made with duck (bebek), or chicken (ayem) stuffed with spices, then wrapped in banana skins and baked for several hours.

#8 – Martabak: These are fried snacks that can include chicken, eggs, vegetables, green onions for a  savoury version, or cheese, condensed milk, and chocolate for the sweet version

#9 – Pisang Goreng: Time for dessert and this is simply Bali’s version of banana fritters which can be made into a real treat by serving them with ice cream.

#10 – Bubur Sumsum: Another dessert that is sometimes served as a breakfast, this contains rice flour, coconut milk, and a palm sugar syrup topping.

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