7 Incredible Activities To Try During A Holiday To Bali

One of the saddest things we hear is people telling us that they spent two weeks in Bali and only took part in one activity or went on just one trip. It is sad because Bali has so much to offer that, if you spent a month there and went on a trip every day, you would barely have covered about 10% of all the activities and experiences that Bali can provide.

We are not saying you have to head off every day, as we would be the first to say that we wanted to spend a few days relaxing on the beach or by the pool. However, we would also be looking to take back some awesome memories of our time in Bali, which is why we research as many activities, trips, and experiences as we can. To save you having to, we have researched 7 of them for you, which we are sure includes at least one that you will personally be keen on trying.

#1 Waterfall Sliding: If there is one geographical feature that Bali has no shortage of it is waterfalls. They are plentiful, and also a huge attraction for tourists. You can visit several throughout your stay, but the best way is to take in three or four on the one day trip. You can simply visit them and admire their stunning beauty, or, if you feel more energetic, you can slide down some of them into the natural pool below.

#2 – Enrol In A Batik Class: For something which is relaxing, educational and fulfilling, you should enrol in a Batik Class. Batik is the traditional method of colouring and decorating fabric, and is often referred to as ‘wearable art’. The technique mainly consists of using coloured wax to dye the fabric and to create artistic designs and shapes.

#3 – Visit Balinese Temples: We’ve already mentioned Bali’s abundance of waterfalls, well here is something of which there is also an abundance of, but will provide you with a day out which requires far less physical exertion. We are of course talking about Bali’s many Hindu temples which you will find come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of beauty, some of which date back several centuries.

#4 – Balinese Cooking Class: You will presumably be hoping to experience many of the local restaurants and undoubtedly try some traditional Balinese dishes, but why not go a stage further and learn to cook them yourself? You will be taught about the ingredients used, how to make the sauces which are used in the recipes, how to make a variety of local dishes and shown how to prepare and cook them all in the traditional manner.

#5 – Countryside Bike Tour: This one of our favourites because it gives you an opportunity to visit a number of local sightseeing locations, and experience more than one aspect of local life. Each bicycle tour will have a different itinerary but some of the favourite spots you will hopefully experience include Tegalalang Rice Terraces, coffee plantations, rice harvesting and houses where woodcarving lessons take place.

#6 – Splash All Day At Waterbom Waterpark: If it is a fun and active day out with the whole family or a bunch of friends that you would like to experience, then you should head over to Waterbom Waterpark. There are over a dozen different waterslides and rides with the ‘Boomerang’ the one which is certainly not for the faint-hearted. The park also wonderful tropical gardens, restaurants and there is even a bar which you can swim up to.

#7 – Spend A Couple Days On The Idyllic Gili Islands: This small group of three islands can be reached by ferry and the journey takes no more than a few hours. Once you are there you can opt to visit Gili Meno, which is the most relaxing, Gili Air, which has some stunning beaches, or Gili Trawangan, (Gili ‘T’ as it is often called), which is the island that the party animals all head for.

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