5 Tips to Prevent Overseas Holiday Hassles

Prevent Overseas Holiday HasslesGoing overseas on a holiday is fun and exciting but it can be stressful if you’ve never been before and sometimes, even if you have. Being stressed out will spoil your fun and enjoyment, so here are 5 tips to help prevent hassle when you travel on your next overseas holiday.

  • Get all the formalities out of the way early on. These include
  • Your passport: when things are straightforward, it takes around 3 weeks to get a passport, but allow for delays.  If you have one already check the expiry date because some governments require it to be at least 6 months away and if it’s not they won’t let you in.
  • Visa:  While many countries don’t require a visa, many more do and this applies to countries that you are just travelling through as well as those you intend to stay in. Your travel agency should be able to help you.
  • Credit card: Before you leave, go to the bank and let them know where you are going. This will prevent them from freezing what they consider to be suspicious activities on the card. Also find out what fees apply to overseas transactions.
  • Take out travel insurance that also covers you for travel in Australia, just in case you have an accident getting to the ship or plane. It can be used if your goods get lost or stolen, if the airline goes on strike and you have to stay longer and for sickness or accidental injury and you need a doctor or emergency dentist.

  • Register your plans with smartraveller.gov.au so that you can be contacted quickly in an emergency. They also offer up to date advice on travel safety.
  • Yes, you need clothing, but very likely only half of what you think. Remember there are load limits not to mention how awkward it is to move from A to B with more than one suitcase. So find out what the weather will be like and pack accordingly, then halve it.
  • Know the exchange rate before you leave so you don’t blow your budget. A travel money card – available at banks and other financial institutions – is a great idea as backup in case something goes wrong with your credit card – and the fees are fairly minimal.
  • Try and learn some of the language before you go so getting around will be easier. Not all countries have people that speak English. A few basic phrases may get you out of trouble.
  • Travel apps can help you do and find all you need for a holiday overseas, but you can also go to social media sites for tips and hints from those who have just been there. That can be invaluable.

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