Exciting and Energetic Things to do in Bali

quad-or-buggy-drivingSome people consider a holiday to be a time of rest and relaxation, while others want it to be the most exciting and exhilarating time of their life. If you are in the latter group, you’ll be pleased to know that Bali won’t disappoint you. No matter how tiring your fun days are, you will be able to sleep well in one of the Seminyak Villas and wake up feeling ready for the next amazing adventure.

Here are some activities to do that will surely make your stay in Bali exciting: –

  • Go white water rafting on the Ayung River. This river has many rapids and Class 3 falls interspersed with lazy pools. The trip leader will guide you around white water bends and rocky obstacles and you can even fit in a swim and lunch.
  • Quad or Buggy driving with a Tubing Excursion for double the fun. You can roar through the Pangayan rainforest on your choice of vehicle – after a short lecture on safety – learning how to cross obstacles and cope with the many challenges of the narrow path and river crossing. After that, jump aboard a tube and head down the Siap River, complete with your wetsuit, life jacket and other safety devices. Pop over waterfalls – only mini ones – slip down chutes and navigate pools on the way. Once the excitement is over you can relax and enjoy a Balinese lunch before heading off to find the next activity.

  • Feel energetic enough to climb a volcano? You can do this, too, in Bali. Take part in a private hike to the top of Mount Batu at dawn so you can see the sun rise. Afterwards you can take a boat ride across Lake Batur to the geothermal hot springs to soak for a while before returning home.
  • Cycling around the countryside is one of the best ways to meet the locals – and burn off some of the great food you’ve indulged it. There are cycling trails in many areas. Mount Batur is a favourite of mountain cyclists, while Ubud will challenge you if you take the hilly routes and ride through jungle as well as over rope bridges. There are many villages that you can cycle through to see amazing scenery.
  • Water sports activities are always popular, from parasailing and paragliding to donning a dive suit and walking underwater to view the coral and fish. You can go water skiing, scuba diving or ride a jet-ski.
  • Fly-boarding The latest craze to take adventurers by storm is using the water stream from a jet boat to fly. A hose attached to the boat and a fly-board you stand on. It takes more than one try to control crashing.

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