How to Look Your Best in Holiday Photos

Holiday PhotosThe trend these days is for people who want to have Botox for wrinkles to combine the treatment with a holiday overseas.  They may not realise that this is a poor decision for several reasons.  The main idea for going to Bali or Thailand for such treatment is to cut back on the cost, but you don’t know for sure what the standard of training or experience is when you are dealing with overseas cosmetic surgeons. Some people have had a very poor experience in this regard and the Botox work needs to be redone when they return home.

In addition, when you consider that your holiday is going to be spoiled to some extent due to having those needles you may want to think again. How often do you get to go overseas? Even if you go every year, it still seems a shame to use holiday time for cosmetic treatment instead of enjoying the different culture and all the many other activities you like doing while on holiday.

For many people, this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to really enjoy a trip to another country.  But instead of exploring, you have to go to a clinic and afterwards, stay out of the sun for a while and not do anything strenuous. This will eat into your holiday time when you could be having fun.

Besides, having your Botox injections done before going overseas will ensure you look your best in those holiday photos- and you won’t have to have them done again if the overseas surgeon’s work was not of a high standard.  If you have it done during your holiday, there could be bruising or swelling that will make you want to avoid having photos taken, even if you feel well enough to get out and about.

Or you could wait until the holiday is over before heading off to get Botox injections.  Sometimes you feel like a rest after a holiday that was very active and you could be suffering jet lag. Having the treatment after your holiday will give you the perfect reason to take another day or two off to rest and relax, making sure you don’t do anything that could work against your treatment.

Bali and Thailand are excellent choices for a holiday for these reasons.

  • Both are reasonably close to Australia so you don’t waste too much time in the plane.
  • The costs are very affordable.
  • The cultures are interesting.
  • There are plenty of shopping opportunities for the shopaholic or for those who just like to bring back a souvenir.
  • There are many different types of sightseeing as well as other more adventurous activities to pursue.
  • The people are very friendly.

It seems a shame to spoil any kind of holiday with having cosmetic surgery treatment, so think carefully about what you want to do on holidays, before making a decision.

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