Kuta BaliMany years ago, Kuta was known as a simple fishing village; the generous beaches which open onto the Indian Ocean explain why it is so popular with surfing enthusiasts, who were among the first to enjoy it as a destination; but over time it has become so popular that Kuta now encompasses everything within 17.52km range of the original village.

Kuta has something for everyone; its popularity means that it can cater to any demand, entertaining thousands of people from all around the world.  The luxury villas and hotels are  quite inexpensive, as compared to villas in other parts of Bali that see fewer visitors.  And while cars and motorcycles are available for rent, you can easily make your way around on foot, exploring Kuta and avoiding the traffic jams that always occur in a place so popular.

There’s so much to do in this part of the world; you can explore the many beaches, sunbathing on the white sand, going snorkling or scuba diving, or surfing, perhaps even take a class in one of the many surfing schools that have opened recently.  Kuta also boasts many shopping malls, restaurants and night clubs, with a vibrant night life.  While the many pubs and bars may be empty early in the evening, around midnight the many visitors fill the floors, dancing and talking and having fun.  The multicultural atmosphere found in Kuta is like none other, with people from all countries mingling together in this one place.

Women can enjoy the relaxing and soothing, but also extremely affordable, spa treatments here. A mere $2-$6 will let you get your hair braided, while a manicure and pedicure costs only $10.  If you would like a massage, you can have a 90 minute foot, back, and shoulder massage, complete with reflexology, for $3 to $5.  Even tattoos are available, starting at only $3.

One thing you cannot miss while visiting Kuta is the amazing local food.  Get the most authentic Indonesian food is at one of the many street stalls – some favorite local meals include Sweet Rojak, Bakso, Teh Botol, Nasi Uduk and Nasi Padang are some of the favorite local meals here. We should warn you that street food is not always completely hygienic, so eat at your own risk – but it’s so delicious that it’s generally worth it!

Enjoy your getaway in Kuta by experiencing the soothing beaches, captivating sunsets, fresh sea breezes, juxtaposed with the exciting night life, amazing spa services, and a chance to meet and have fun with people from all around the world.