Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua BaliVisit Nusa Sua to find these experiences for yourself and create some memories that will last a lifetime.

The Pantai Geger beach locate within Nusa Dua isn’t owned by any of the resorts or restaurants – instead, it’s a public beach, open to all, and expressing Balinese culture and tradition far moreso than any private, closed-down hotel beaches ever could.  The pure white sand complements the beautiful, crystal-clear water, and the mild weather and warm water support all sorts of water sports – there’s something for everyone here.  For a fun family vacation, bring your children to this kid-friendly beach and play in the gorgeous water.  Or, you could go in for the ultimate relaxation – have a complete body massage while lying on the breathtaking white sand.  Or just relax, watching a magnificent sunset, while sipping from a cool cocktail drink and watching the sun dip beneath the waves.

Serangan Island is sometimes called Turtle Island, as ‘serangan’ means “Turtle” in Indonesia.   Serangan Island is one place you must make sure to visit when coming to Nusa Dua – named not for its shape, but for its content, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Serangan is a conservatory for sea turtles, where they come to build nests. Guided tours let you explore the  island, while keeping the turtles safe and helping ensure that their species will continue, and the boats here all have glass bottoms, so you can take marine tours and see all sorts of amazing marine life.    Serangan Island may be small, but it is more than worth the time to visit it when you come to Nusa Dua – there’s nothing else like it.

As for other activities, the resorts in Nusa Dua offer all kinds of fun activities such as jet skis, para-sailing, kayaking and jet boats. If you have never tried any of these water sports, now is the time – with the clarity of the water and the beauty of your surroundings, you’ll never find a more wonderful place to try these activities than here. You can fill entire days with fun with your family and friends, then relax and unwind with rejuvenating spa treatments.

All kinds of packages and deals are available for your accommodations in Nusa Dua, but the place you really want to live during your stay is in one of the luxurious private villas available here.  Affordable, beautiful, and relaxing, these villas are completely worth it – your vacation in Nusa Dua will only be enhanced by staying in one of them.

So imagine your stay in Nusa Dua – playing in the breathtakingly beautiful water, exploring untouched islands and observing graceful marine life, building wonderful memories with friends and family, having that cool drink on the beach just as the sky hits its most beautiful shade of red-orange in the light of the setting sun.