Uluwatu BaliProbably the most famous temple in Uluwatu is the Pura Luhur Uluwatu. Not dissimilar in the power and beauty as displayed by Tanah Lot – although they are not connected historically in any way.

The temple is built on steep cliff and strikes mighty pose against the sky, especially at night.The name, ‘Luhur’ meaning something of divine origin and Uluwatu being broken down into ‘Ulu’ which means lands end and ‘watu’ meaning rock, describes this fantastic piece of architecture perfectly.

On most evenings the Kecak dance is performed and is an old style of Balinese dance involving a group of a hundred and fifty, normally male, performers dancing and chanting ‘cakcakcak’ over and over.

If so inclined whilst staying in Bali you might like to try your hand at water sports. Mountain biking, horse riding and even golf are some of the activities enjoyed by tourists ever day.

Of course if decide to leave the kites surfing to another day you can still head down to the beach where the sand is heavenly.Sunbathe, have cocktails or enjoy a full body massage from a famous Bali spa to relax your body and rest your soul before starting off on your next adventure.

For newly weds Bali must feature on the honeymoon list. Uluwatu is quiet with the choice of private luxury villas. In a paradise such as this romantic moments are waiting to happen making this a dream honeymoon destination. As it is away from the noises and crowds of city lifelay back and imagine there is no one else in the world – it won’t be hard!

Villas in Uluwatu go from budget to top of the range luxury. There is usually accommodation to suit every need and type of person, be you a single traveller, a couple, a family or a large group of friends. The choice is phenomenal. Cliff top villas are available and offer magnificent views of the sea. If there’s one thing you will never be short off in Bali it’s the scenery. Palm trees and frangipani line the streets and the sunset is a view not to be missed and makes for some superb photographs, especially when visiting Pura LuhurUluwatu.

Bringing your family, friends or partner to Uluwatu will allow you to enjoy culture, the buzz of bali markets and towns, the relaxation of their spas, fantastic beaches and food to die for.
Feel the freshness and calmness as the beauty of this island washes over you. Uluwatuhas all this on offer. I’ll leave tyou with a qupote from one satisfied Bali traveller: “…there is no better way to enjoy your holiday other than being at Uluwatu”.