Batu Belig

Batu Belig BaliThe beach itself is on the coastline of the Bali Sea, an area known to be natural, quiet and relaxing.  And with nearby rice fields, lotus ponds, temples and villages, the surrounding areas give an authentic Indonesian experience to a visitor coming from abroad. Despite recent development work in other areas of the country, Batu Belig remains pristine and unpolluted, a perfect example of the beauty and richness Indonesia has to offer.

Like many potential vacation getaways, Batu Belig offers some truly amazing villas, as well as a range of hotel options to fit all travelers’ needs – from those looking for the pinnacle of luxury, to vacationers who are looking for the most affordable options.  Whatever your choice, the exceptional hospitality offered in all of Batu Belig’s accommodations will ensure that you want to visit again and again.  However, while the number of people choosing Batu Belig as their destination is growing every year, it remains less famous than some of Indonesia’s other vacation spots, so the beach strikes the perfect balance between providing all the travel amenities you desire, while also maintaining an uncrowded, tranquil atmosphere.

Take a moment to think – what is your criteria for a dream holiday destination?  Batu Belig has enough to fit nearly anyone’s idea of a perfect vacation, offering excitement, peaceful natural beauty, a wealth of culture and tradition, and many entertainment options.  Spend a night out on the town in one of the area’s restaurants or bars, or a day of perfect relaxation at one of the multiple spas.   Or take the time to unwind and have fun, exploring Indonesia with your family – your children can enjoy Batu Belig as much as you can, in such a safe and secure location, filled with friendly local residents who enjoy welcoming visitors and showing their hospitality.

The white sand beaches and crystal clear water appeal to all visitors – great for water sports or just relaxing and basking in the gorgeous views.  This makes an absolutely wonderful destination for couples too, a place to let the romantic environment that surrounds you both help form the most precious moments of your life together, amid the captivating scenery and luxurious accommodations.

If you are searching for a tranquil, breathtakingly beautiful, exotic and culturally relevant  getaway, then Batu Belig is the destination for you.  Stay in a sophisticated villas or a fine hotel, and treat yourself to luxurious spas and delicious Indonesian cuisine, after spending the day at one of the finest beaches in the world or exploring the local Indonesian culture and traditions.    Come with your loved ones or for a relaxing solo trip; experience the best times of your life at this perfect vacation destination.  Nature’s abundant beauty is waiting in Batu Belig, just for you.