Candi Dasa

Candi Dasa BaliBeing separated from the main parts of Bali, Candi Dasa is an ideal place for the people who are looking to get away from the urban life, the overcrowded and hyped-up typical tourist spots.  In contrast, the slow and smooth lifestyle at Candi Dasa ensures your vacation will leave you with lasting peace in both mind and body.

Only a year ago, the roads that led to Candi Dasa were nearly impassable. People rarely visited, as it took two and a half hours of slow travel to just to reach it. However, recent investments in the infrastructure of Northern Bali have led to positive changes, including making this amazing destination accessible.   New roads ensure safe and easy travel – now there’s no reason for hesitation in exploring this heavenly part of the world – which have also allowed amenities such as five-star luxury hotels, restaurants, and private villas to be constructed, many times right on the water.

Make one of these your home base as you roam around the area, exploring Candi Dasa and all it has to offer.  While still remaining private, this area is a growing destination due to several exceptional features.  Two wonderful amenities, built during the recent development, are the Emerald Bay Villas, and The Orion’s Beach Villas – both projects are built directly on the beachfront in the north of Candi Dasa, and have been designed to fulfill world class hospitality standards and make sure your stay is a memorable one.

Padangbai is a quaint fishing village, located at the end of Amuk Bay, which possesses crystal-clear, brilliantly blue waters, washing against pure white sand beaches. Plan a day trip – pack food, your kids toys, your camera, and your minds, ready to be filled with great memories – and bring your entire family to Padanbai.  Spend the day together, experiencing the culture of a local Indonesian fishing village.  Or, further to the north, a small town called Manggis hosts two of the world’s most famous resorts, Amankila and Alila – travel there and see them for yourselves!  All you need is a sense of exploration and the desire to see all that Candi Dasa has to offer, in order to enjoy a holiday spent here.

A true holiday destination must provide peace, comfort, and excitement. Candi Dasa is the place where you can find all of these and more – situated mere kilometers away from Karangasam, this place s the perfect destination.  With an amazing mix of modern day comfort and convenience, and true Indonesian culture, Candi Dasa is expected to become a world-class destination.  So plan your holiday, pack your things, and bring your family to this part of the world to experience the light, refreshing, exciting and entertaining getaway.