Canggu BaliCanggu is an old and traditional Indonesian village, which has intentionally been maintained in the traditional ways, since its origin.  Recent development nearby has not affected its natural beautiful sites, while providing easy travel to other nearby sites of interest – the Bali International Airport is only 40 minutes away, while Seminyak is just a short drive to the south.

The rural surroundings in Canggu lend to the authentic “ancient village” effect. Though thousands of people visit every year, this destination is still well known for its quiet, calm, rural and simple lifestyle. Rather than replacing old buildings with modern day architecture, the people here have maintained the traditional building styles that are a hallmark of Indonesian culture. Many people end up spending their vacations in urban places, not much different from their own homes, but Canggu is different – a vacation is meant to provide you with change and relaxation, and living in a rural environment with complete relaxation and comfort is what Canggu offers to all its visitors.

Although the village retains its traditional style and atmosphere, it does possess the facilities and accommodations to make your stay truly comfortable.  Luxury villas provide excellent facilities such as barbeque areas, outdoor gardens, and private pools to their customers, for fair prices as compared to other Bali villas; and the staff at Canggu villas aims to provide exceptional customer service, delivered with a smile on their face.  The local restaurants have wonderful chefs – Thai, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and many other world cuisines are served at restaurants here, so no matter what part of the world you are from, or what cuisine is your favorite, you are certain to find something to delight your palate.  And in-house spa treatment services, such as a relaxing full-body massage are available while staying at any of the Canggu villas.  In addition, the Canggu Club is the most prestigious entertainment center in Canggu, to which the majority of villas provide free membership; by staying at any one of these villas, you can take advantage of the library, fine dining, pool, tennis and squash courts, and many other features available here.

Canggu also boasts excellent beaches – Parerenan, Echo, and Seseh beach are all part of this village’s charm, and they also are the main reason that Canggu is such a favorite destination for surfers.

When you plan your visit to Indonesia, make sure you don’t neglect to come and explore Canggu.  A welcoming and refreshing destination for all visitors, Canggu combines the simple rural traditions of an ancient village with the tranquil relaxation that comes from complete comfort.