Travelling to Nusa Lembongan? What You Need to See and Do

The lazily winding coastal paths around Nusa Lembongan invite you to take some time to explore the island on foot and discover just what it has to offer. Tranquil beaches like Dream Beach and Jungut Batu perfectly display the natural beauty. The stunning, clear blue water awaits you whether you’d love to surf or do some drift diving.

The tranquil beaches are just the beginning. Explore the seaweed farms and Mangrove forests, or how about walking the suspension bridge over to Nusa Ceningan the neighbouring island. Head over to Ceningan Ridge for the most spectacular sunset you’ll ever experience – if romance is in the air, here’s the place to maximize it!

Chrystal Beach is home to Bat Cave and Giri Putri Cave, which are crammed with thousands of bats, which go unseen but they are certainly heard even during the day. This area is popular with marine researchers and underwater photographers. The white sandy bottom combined with the crystal clear water offers an incredible view of various fish and vegetarian. Nusa Lembongan is most certainly a unique place offering a unique experience.

You might want to check out what the Bali Hai Beach Club has to offer, especially if you’d really like a relaxing day of swimming or hanging out in the swimming pools. From here, you can also book para sailing, snorkelling, Banana boat tours, and a ton of other activities.

Do you like to fish? Then how about taking a coral fishing trip leaving Nusa Lembongan daily. These boats are traditional designs that have been adapted as outrigger boats for blue marlin, large pelagic and tuna fishing. Are you up for the challenge? The Nusa Ceningan waters are known for their diversity – enjoy the marine life, use the bay as the starting point for snorkelling, surfing, canoeing, diving, or a fishing trip.

You’ll want to check out Pura Puncak Sari Temple, which can be found on the hilltop overlooking the Indian Ocean and the two neighbouring islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. The view is spectacular encompassing the Nusa Lembongan East Coast of Bali as well.

The Underground House is one of the most unique Nusa Ceningan attractions. This underground house is owned by Made Biasa. It was originally built using only a chisel, hammer and intuition as the guide. It took a whopping 15 years for this amazing labyrinth to be completed and it includes a dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and sacred mediation room.

While touring Nusa Lembongan, be sure to take a ride on a small jukung so that you can explore the mangroves. The first thing you’ll notice is the tranquillity – it’s a quiet of an extreme nature. Enjoy the unique, colourful mud carbs. There are many wildlife and bird species that you are sure to enjoy along the way.

There are all kinds of options on this little island of Nusa Ceningan. Enjoy guided tours or explore on your own. This is that hidden gem that you’ll want to find and explore.


Bali Villas for Galungan Festival

Odalan procession Bali Villas for Galungan Festival

Bali villas are growing in popularity on a global scale. They are normally furnished to world standards and fitted with the latest amenities such as flat screen TV’s, stainless steel kitchen appliances among others. Moreover, the fact that they are in a safe and tranquil place in South East Asia is one other reason behind the increase in popularity. The minimum requirement in terms of amenities you will get at all these Balinese villas is swimming pools and patios, if you want a little more luxury, you get an infinity pool, spa and steam bath among others.

Most of these villas are located near the seashore, and their patios extend right up to the point where they touch the shallowest parts of the sea. The villas are also fitted with a number of top incorporated services designed specifically for you as you wait for the Galungan Festival, Bali’s most important religious festival. This festival celebrates the victory of good over evil. It also honors the spirits and memories of all Balinese ancestors.

The best location for celebrating or observing Galungan Festival is Ubud, Bali’s major cultural center or headquarters. Bali boasts of more than 20,000 temples spread across the island, inhabited by around 4 million people, and these do not include tourists from across the globe. The fact that each village has three temples means you will never miss a place to celebrate or observe Galungan Festival while enjoying your vacation in Bali.

Bali differs from other parts of Indonesia in that it is Hindu, while the rest of the country is predominantly Muslim, which is a major boost for tourism. The Balinese calendar runs for 210 days and during this time, the Galungan Festival is celebrated once, and is now synchronized with the Saka and Wuku calendars. And do the Balinese just love this festival or what! Families all over Bali offer sacrifices of food and flowers as part of celebrating the Galungan festival, which occurs once in every 210 days. You could join the fun while on holiday in Bali.


3 of the Best Restaurants to Eat at in Ubud Bali

The Guardian has taken the time to create a list of the top 10 places to eat in Ubud, Bali. It’s an interesting list and with so many restaurants in the area, it’s kind of nice to have a list of what are considered the best by some of the experts in the tourism industry.

The idea of Balinese cuisine is exciting – what a nice surprise after our own diets and you’ll get to taste some of the most delicious meals you’ll ever eat, at a price that will amaze you. Some of these restaurants have been around for years. Of course, you can also enjoy traditional western food if you like but why take bland when you can have Bali?

Let’s look at three of these restaurants, in no particular order. Be sure to check out the other top restaurants.

#1 Ibu Oka Warung

You’ll find the Ibu Oka Warung shanty style café across from what used to be the Royal Palace. You come here to enjoy the Balinese roast suckling pig, which arrive on motorcycle. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

#2 Bebek Bengil

Bebek Bengil translates to the Dirty Duck Diner, and that’s what it’s known as by tourists and locals alike. It’s one of the most beautiful, relaxing places you’ll ever eat. Oh yes, and then there’s the delicious bebek tutu or smoked duck which is what the entire menu is based on. So come experience how duck can really taste!

#3 Warung Nasi Be Tutu

If you want to get off main street, which is focused on tourists, and sneak down into the basement, you will discover this fabulous food market that’s perfect for those that love a little adventure in their eating. You’ll find Warung Nasi Be Tutu with its small wooden stools and pots of local food cooked on charcoal braziers. It’s a fabulous local experience.

When visiting Legian Bali you are going to be spending a great deal of time eating, so why not experience what life in Bali is like through your taste buds.


Sanur is Popular for Its Yellow Beaches

On the southern coast of Bali, you will find Sanur. In fact, it’s the main beach resort on the island famous for its yellow sand beaches. The sand from the Sanur beach was actually used in the concrete preparation for the local hotels and restaurants so Sanur actually had to import sand from Nus Dua.

One of the most significant aspects of this resort is its vast expanse of beach. A trail covering the entire 5km allows visitors to “loiter” and explore the long beach, stopping whenever they want to enjoy a drink or snack in a restaurant located on the beach.

Sanur is actually the oldest upscale resort in the area and even with all the accommodations and restaurants it remains a nice quite, relaxing area to spend your time. Sanur is extremely popular with families and middle-aged couples. The Europeans are especially fond of this environment.

Sanur is home to the International Kite Festival, which takes place at Padang Galek beach every July. You will see gigantic traditional Balinese kites flown by teams competing for the various villages. It’s very exciting.

The Le Mayeur Museum is a must see. This was once the home of Adrian Jean Le Mayeur a Belgium impressionist, and today the museum is a dedication to his work.

Pura Blanjong is the most notable temple in Sanur, containing an important inscription on one of the stone pillars, which tell about the Javanese king who during the 10th Century visited Bali.

Finally be sure to stop by the Serangan Island Turtle Conservation Centre. There you can learn all about the conservation initiatives in place to save the turtles. Turtle meat used to be one of Bali’s main trades but it has since been banned.

There’s just so much to see and do in Sanur. If you are looking for a relaxing space to stay Sanur is an excellent jump off point for all your Bali travels and luxury-villas-bali.net can help you find the perfect place to stay.


Why Kuta Should be Your Bali Destination

On our visit to Bali, you will want to make sure that Kuta is one of your destinations. There’s all kinds of places you’ll want to visit but Kuta has some unique things to offer. It’s a neat mix of Balinese culture, but it’s where the Australian surfers of the 70s call home. This makes it a very interesting place to go.

There are some fabulous temples in Kuta, where the traders still deposit their offerings to the Gods.

Then there is the beautiful beach with the spectacular waves crashing to shore. You can even learn to surf, even if you have never done it before. The small waves and foal are perfect if you want to learn the basic surfing techniques. There are good waves here but they are there before high tide. You can find all kinds of instructors and surfing schools along the beach.

If you want to dive you’ll have to head to the north of the island. Diving’s restricted because there is very little visibility in town.

Kuta has plenty of amenities. In fact, you will love the European comfort that surrounds you – air conditioning in the rooms, internet, ADSl, international high tech gadgets, and delicious food shops. You won’t believe just how affordable hotels are, and all are located in the downtown streets. You can rent a guest house including breakfast for as little as $10 up to $80

Kutu is a great place to relax and rest, and it’s a great place to stay as a jump off point for the rest of your vacation. You can sleep well and eat great and then carry on with your day. What Kuta lacks is the cultural charm of Bali.

According to the Bali times Deluang Sari Turtle Breeding Centre is a small delta dealing with marine recreation centre of Tanjung Benoa, that is located in South Kuta sub district, Badung. It’s definitely worth a visit!

If you are looking for a rather unique Bali flavour, check out Kuta.

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