Why Kuta Should be Your Bali Destination

KutaOn our visit to Bali, you will want to make sure that Kuta is one of your destinations. There are all kinds of places you’ll want to visit but Kuta has some unique things to offer. It’s a neat mix of Balinese culture, but it’s where the Australian surfers of the 70s call home. This makes it a very interesting place to go.

There are some fabulous temples in Kuta, where the traders still deposit their offerings to the Gods.

Then there is the beautiful beach with the spectacular waves crashing to shore. You can even learn to surf, even if you have never done it before. The small waves and foal are perfect if you want to learn the basic surfing techniques. There are good waves here but they are there before high tide. You can find all kinds of instructors and surfing schools along the beach.

If you want to dive you’ll have to head to the north of the island. Diving’s restricted because there is very little visibility in town.

Kuta has plenty of amenities. In fact, you will love the European comfort that surrounds you – air conditioning in the rooms, internet, ADSl, international high tech gadgets, and delicious food shops. You won’t believe just how affordable hotels are, and all are located in the downtown streets. You can rent a guest house including breakfast for as little as $10 up to $80

Kutu is a great place to relax and rest, and it’s a great place to stay as a jump off point for the rest of your vacation. You can sleep well and eat great and then carry on with your day. What Kuta lacks is the cultural charm of Bali.

According to the Bali times Deluang Sari Turtle Breeding Centre is a small delta dealing with marine recreation centre of Tanjung Benoa, that is located in South Kuta sub district, Badung. It’s definitely worth a visit!

If you are looking for a rather unique Bali flavour, check out Kuta.

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