Making Your Bali Wedding Reception Unique

Bali Wedding ReceptionWhen it comes to planning a wedding in Bali there are a great many details to consider and things to organise. While few Bali weddings are truly unique, you can add many little personal touches to ensure your guests feel like part of the occasion rather than just lookers on.  One way to do this is to have a photo booth so that everyone can have fun taking photos of themselves dressed up in the props provided.

It may surprise you to realise that at many wedding receptions the guests don’t really feel part of the celebration because the bride and groom haven’t made any special effort to make their reception personal to each one. Without this, the guests tend to feel a bit bored and like they are just there for the food and drinks.

If you can take a little time to offer something more personalised to them as well as it being something uniquely from you and your fiancée, then they will feel much more like they have been included because they are your friends and you really wanted them to come. So how can you do this? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Make a photo display of the family tree, especially those whose wedding photos you may have stashed away in the cupboard. All the family who’ve come to your wedding will love it and so will their friends.
  2. Write a different personal message to the recipient on each place card mentioning them by name.
  3. Party favours can also be personal if you take the trouble to find out what each person’s favourite thing to do is. For instance, you could give embroidery silks to someone who does embroidery as a hobby. Seed packets would be good for a keen gardener.
  4. If you have guests that travelled far to get to your wedding, give them a pretty basket filled with things they would appreciate, such as bottled water or wine, gourmet cookies, gift soap, chocolates or a special brand of tea or coffee. Include a thank you for coming card.
  5. Provide entertainment of some kind for the guests during the time you are having your photo shoot done – usually between the ceremony and reception. Games, music, a mini-concert or a themed video to watch are all good choices.
  6. Instead of a place card, a little gift would be nice. This could be anything from a handkerchief monogrammed with their initials to a pretty teacup and saucer growing a succulent or herb. The teaspoon could be a wooden spatula with their name on it.
  7. To their wedding invitations and rsvp card, add a request for their favourite song so that can be played at your wedding.

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