My Dream Wedding Trade Show Coming to Bali

my-dream-weddingMore and more trade shows are taking place in Bali, and so it should be no surprise to see that the My Dream Wedding trade show is going to be held in November (Nov 8-10, 2013) at the Aston Denpasar Hotel.

I would see this as rather exciting. After all, Bali is a very hot spot for destination weddings and for honeymoons. So having this huge wedding trade show in Bali is a bit symbolic don’t you think?

My Dream Wedding brings together professionals from all sectors of the wedding market and helps them to discuss and develop new ideas and opportunities to market to. There are going to be more than 60 developers and exhibitors present, so those attending are certainly not going to be disappointed!

You can expect see booths related to wedding photography, baking, florists, bands, wedding dresses, music, jewellery, travel, reception services, and the list goes on. If you are in the wedding industry this is a great excuse to book your flights and come on over to Bali. You cannot only take in the Wedding Trade Show Bali and the many things it has to offer, you can make it a vacation for you.

This is an exciting time, as we see Bali’s tourism industry grow and expand. One of the surest ways to know that a tourism industry is booming is by the trade shows that they can bring to the area, and Bali is doing an excellent job of just that.

Weddings are huge part of most tourist industries, whether it’s the wedding itself or the honeymoon destinations so it seems rather fitting that Denpasar Bali would be home to this wedding trade show.

Bali is an amazing place to visit, whether for a trade show or just as vacation destination and recently there have a number of rental villas come on the market for affordable rates, which makes the experience even that more enticing. It’s definitely a place to visit that should be on your ‘to do’ list!

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