5 Tips to Prevent Overseas Holiday Hassles

Prevent Overseas Holiday HasslesGoing overseas on a holiday is fun and exciting but it can be stressful if you’ve never been before and sometimes, even if you have. Being stressed out will spoil your fun and enjoyment, so here are 5 tips to help prevent hassle when you travel on your next overseas holiday.

  • Get all the formalities out of the way early on. These include
  • Your passport: when things are straightforward, it takes around 3 weeks to get a passport, but allow for delays.  If you have one already check the expiry date because some governments require it to be at least 6 months away and if it’s not they won’t let you in.
  • Visa:  While many countries don’t require a visa, many more do and this applies to countries that you are just travelling through as well as those you intend to stay in. Your travel agency should be able to help you.
  • Credit card: Before you leave, go to the bank and let them know where you are going. This will prevent them from freezing what they consider to be suspicious activities on the card. Also find out what fees apply to overseas transactions.
  • Take out travel insurance that also covers you for travel in Australia, just in case you have an accident getting to the ship or plane. It can be used if your goods get lost or stolen, if the airline goes on strike and you have to stay longer and for sickness or accidental injury and you need a doctor or emergency dentist.
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10 Traditional Balinese Meals You Should Try To Cook In Your Bali Villa’s Kitchen

There are lots of reasons why holidaymakers chose Bali villas as their preferred choice of accommodation rather than a hotel in Bali. One of the most obvious is privacy, given that you will be sharing the accommodation only with your friends or family, rather than hundreds of other holidaymakers as is the case in a hotel. Another benefit is that you can come and go as you please and are obviously not restricted to the specific mealtimes that hotels have.

Another benefit of a Bali villa concerning food is that you are free to eat whatever you wish rather than having to eat what your hotel offers at each mealtime. This allows you to purchase takeaway food and take it home with you or have it delivered, but there is an even better option and that is to cook meals yourself.

In many cases those meals may be similar to those that you would cook at home, however, given that there will be a plentiful supply of ingredients including meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, rice, noodles, and fruit, it would be even better if you were to cook and prepare some of the traditional dishes local to Bali.

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10 Stunningly Beautiful Places To Visit On Nusa Penida

10 Stunningly Beautiful Places To Visit On Nusa Penida

There can be little argument that Bali offers visitors some of the most stunningly beautiful natural sites of any holiday destination in the world, and there are some locations in particular that take that beauty to another level. One of those is Nusa Penida which is a small island that is located to the southeast of Bali and is separated from it by the Badung Strait.

Whilst it is certainly possible for you to make Nusa Penida the place you stay for your entire holiday given that it has several excellent hotels, many holidaymakers instead choose to take one of the many shuttle boats that go between the island and Bali, where their accommodation is located. Whichever way you choose, one thing is guaranteed and that is that Nusa Pineda has plenty of awesomely beautiful locations to visit across its 81 square miles. Here are ten of them.

#1 – Peguyanan Waterfall

No trip to Bali is complete without a visit to at least one waterfall, so why not make it Peguyanan Waterfall on Nusa Penida? The colourful blue steps take you down to it, and when there, you can experience stunning cliff views. You can also visit an ancient temple nearby.

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7 Incredible Activities To Try During A Holiday To Bali

One of the saddest things we hear is people telling us that they spent two weeks in Bali and only took part in one activity or went on just one trip. It is sad because Bali has so much to offer that, if you spent a month there and went on a trip every day, you would barely have covered about 10% of all the activities and experiences that Bali can provide.

We are not saying you have to head off every day, as we would be the first to say that we wanted to spend a few days relaxing on the beach or by the pool. However, we would also be looking to take back some awesome memories of our time in Bali, which is why we research as many activities, trips, and experiences as we can. To save you having to, we have researched 7 of them for you, which we are sure includes at least one that you will personally be keen on trying.

#1 Waterfall Sliding: If there is one geographical feature that Bali has no shortage of it is waterfalls. They are plentiful, and also a huge attraction for tourists. You can visit several throughout your stay, but the best way is to take in three or four on the one day trip. You can simply visit them and admire their stunning beauty, or, if you feel more energetic, you can slide down some of them into the natural pool below.

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Nusa Lembongan Villas

Nusa Lembongan can be found in Klunkung and has about 5000 people who live there year round. The fact that this part of Bali is not highly populated means that it is a perfect place for a holiday getaway.

In Nusa Lembongan, you can get away from your busy everyday life and relax by the sea while enjoying luxurious accommodations. You won’t find a place with better weather than this area of Bali. The views from the limestone cliffs with the sea pounding into them is something you won’t forget. Nusa Lembongan is a small island, about 8 kilometers in total.

The two spots that tourists love to explore the most in Nusa Lembongan are JungutBatu and Mushroom Bay. These are the two most populated parts of the island with only 30% of the full time residents living elsewhere. JunguBatu and Mushroom Bay are a great place to find lots of fun things to do, lots of great restaurants and lots of luxurious accommodations.

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Two Thai Nationals Arrested for Crystal Meth Smuggling

Crystal Meth SmugglingLast month, two Thai nationals were arrested at Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali after attempts were made to smuggle over one kilogram of crystal methamphetamine out of the country.

Prakob Seetasang, an electrician, and Radisson Phenlamat, a tattooist, were arrested on May 13 after customs officers grew suspicious of irregularities on their screening equipment.

Both men were subjected to a belongings search, before they were taken to the BIMC Hospital in Kuta, Badung for body and X-ray scans. The X-rays revealed that foreign objects were contained in the digestive tracts of both men.

Officials stated that the foreign objects were narcotics the men had attempted to conceal by swallowing them. Once removed, 100 bags of crystal meth, known as shabu in Bali, were recovered – weighing 1.08 kilograms. The meth had a local street value of IDR 1.48 billion, or a little under AUD 150,000, and would serve a market of around 5,000 people.

The customs chief at Ngurah Rai International Airport, Himawan Indarjano, said the ‘swallow’ method is a difficult one. It both endangers the smugglers and is challenging to detect. However, it appears smuggling is not something new to either Prakob or Radisson.

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Top 5 Bali Nightlife Hotspots

Bali NightlifeBali is one of the most popular party destinations in southeast Asia. Whether you’re a backpacker staying in budget accommodation or a business person with your own private Bali villa, there are plenty of nightlife options out there for you to choose from.

The key to Bali nightlife is finding somewhere that is safe, fun, and that meets your needs. With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of the top 5 nightlife hotspots in Bali. These include:

  1. Old Man’s

If you’re looking for a low key, chilled out place to have a few drinks and meet new people, then Old Man’s is the place for you. Boasting a beer garden, beach frontage, and comfortable seating options, the party atmosphere really heats up as the hour gets late. In fact, Old Man’s is a favorite among young tourists who just want to get out and have some fun.

  1. The Sky Garden

As one of the most popular rooftop bars in Bali, the Sky Garden caters to people from all walks of life. The rooftop bar itself boasts all you can eat buffets, a wide range of beers, and regular live DJs. If you want to continue the party after you’ve eaten, the Sky Dome Super Club is just downstairs. This is without a doubt one of the best places to start a night out in Bali.

  1. Koh

Koh is a wonderful, modern style club that was inspired by the underground music scene in cities like Berlin and London. Catering to lovers of styles like house and techno, the Koh is the perfect place to dance the night away with a few friends.

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Making Your Bali Wedding Reception Unique

Bali Wedding ReceptionWhen it comes to planning a wedding in Bali there are a great many details to consider and things to organise. While few Bali weddings are truly unique, you can add many little personal touches to ensure your guests feel like part of the occasion rather than just lookers on.  One way to do this is to have a photo booth so that everyone can have fun taking photos of themselves dressed up in the props provided.

It may surprise you to realise that at many wedding receptions the guests don’t really feel part of the celebration because the bride and groom haven’t made any special effort to make their reception personal to each one. Without this, the guests tend to feel a bit bored and like they are just there for the food and drinks.

If you can take a little time to offer something more personalised to them as well as it being something uniquely from you and your fiancée, then they will feel much more like they have been included because they are your friends and you really wanted them to come. So how can you do this? Here are a few ideas.

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What Kind of Outdoor Furniture Should You Choose

Outdoor FurnitureThere are many different styles of outdoor furniture to choose from and only by going to the furniture store can you get a better idea of what you might like. Some people who’ve been to Bali for holidays fall in love with the relaxed and easy lifestyle, along with the Indonesian style of furniture that goes with it. You can find a lot of these styles at some of the many furniture stores in Australia who import such furniture.

The main thing to consider is whether it will stand up to the weather, unless your outdoor area has a roof to protect everything from the rain. One of the latest trends is furniture that is similar to the old-fashioned cane work of yesteryear. This wicker furniture is traditionally made from plant based material that is dried and treated, then woven together to make beautiful furniture. However, being from plants, it tends to break down quickly if left out in the weather.

Man-made wicker work is made from PVC, plastic or fibreglass that withstands the aging and rotting effect of rain and sun. It lasts a long time and yet it looks just like the plant-based wicker work. Both create furniture that is attractive and strong, yet light enough to move around easily.  Many people don’t like to be limited in the choice of position for their furniture, but rather like to shift it around to suit the occasion. So light furniture is ideal for them.

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Do You Have a Business in Bali?

bali-businessThere are many foreigners who have started up a business in Bali, including Australians. It is easy to think you don’t need a website in such a place, since there will be a lot of foot traffic going past your business, but making the most of every opportunity should be an important part of your business, so make sure you consult a professional digital agency to get advice on web design and SEO for your business.

That way your web designer will be able to create the best kind of website to suit your particular business model and you may be surprised at the extra business it brings in. If you are an Australian, contacting an seo company based in Australia that knows a bit about Bali may be the best way forward.  At least you’ll be able to understand the accent and they’ll be able to understand what you want, especially since much of your custom is likely to come from Aussie tourists.

If you don’t have a business in Bali, but are considering one, make sure you choose something that is a good fit for your skills. For instance, if you can’t dive you wouldn’t make a good dive instructor.  It could be: –

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