Kuta Bali Turns from Hippy Destination to All Round Destination

Kuta-BaliAccording to the Jakarta Post, which was once a hippy destination, is now one of the most popular places in Bali to visit. During the 1960s and 1970s apart from the Grand Inna, which was owned by the government there were no other hotels to stay at and only the wealthier could afford to stay here, so others had to be more adventurous and stay in tent.

Tenters soon connected with local villagers and began to rent floor space in their homes. Fast forward to the 1990’s when suddenly the entire world became aware of Kuta and the sleepy village where hippies hung out became one of them most popular Bali destinations.

Today there are plenty of places to stay. Hotels have exploded all over Kuta, and there are beautiful Kuta villas to rent for those that prefer a more private, relaxed atmosphere with a little more space to call their own.

So what can you see and do in Kuta? Plenty!

* Kuta Golf Course – enjoy a round of golf on this new championship course that is said to be among the most challenging in Asia. Perched above the limestone cliffs, it leads down to the Indian Ocean. You’ll enjoy some magnificent views.

* Party in Legian Street – Kuta is the #1 party spot in Bali. The party begins just as the sun goes down at the bars and then a few hours later it moves onto the clubs. Just follow the crowds you won’t miss it.

* Surf the Kuta Waves – This is one of the main attractions in Kuta. Kuta beach draws surfers from around the world, and Halfway Kuta break is excellent for beginners.

* Bali Shell Museum – This is a great little museum displaying shells and fossils from around the world. It’s a great relaxing visit.

Kuta has plenty to explore including how the locals live, so make sure you make the most of your visit to Kuta with Easy Villas.

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