Bali Film Industry News – Oliver Stone Wraps “Savages”

savages-logoGuess what just got done filming on the island of Bali? Savages, a film directed by Oliver Stone set in Mexico but filmed in Bali. Bali Film Center has cast shots and behind-the-scenes pics.

How exciting is it that this film just finished wrapping in the tropical paradise of Bali? Who wouldn’t be sorry to have missed vacationing this time of year there and catching a glimpse of the shoot? How amazing is it that John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Salma Hayek – Quentin Tarantino regulars, all – were a part of this picture? If you were to come back from swimming off the beach just in time to catch sizzling sexy Salma Hayek looking at you all “well hello there”, would that not top every vacation you’d ever taken?

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