Black Sand, Dolphins, and Coral Reefs – Life in Lovina

black-sandLovina, located on the northern coast of Bali, is yet another different experience when vacationing in Bali.

As the travel resort sites like this one give you an idea, Lovina is a little less about noisy dance festivals and exotic, sacred monkey jungles and more about the ultimate beach-goer’s tropical paradise. It’s also a little more urban than other parts of Bali.

The beaches are famous for the black sand, which is a frequent result of nearby volcanic activity over geologic time. All water sports are popular here, including snorkeling, diving, swimming, and sailing. The main attraction here are the dolphin sighting tours, where hundreds of the friendly and playful sea-going mammals naturally congregate and frolic among the boats which set out at dawn to greet them.

Reports are that July and August are the busiest months, so going in the off-season could be both a money-saver and a way to enjoy more of the local’s attention to yourself. Regardless of when you go, Lovina is a relaxed, slow-paced beach-side resort town that will provide an unforgettable vacation experience.

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