12 Reasons to go Overseas for Drug Rehabilitation

Drug addiction is a terrible thing that often takes the life of the addict. But if they can get the right kind of help in time, it is possible to recover at least some of their life and go on to become a useful member of society. Some recovered addicts even spend their time helping other addicts to recover, or talking to people about the dangers of trying drugs in the first place.

Many of these people actually went overseas for their drug rehab rather than seeking treatment in Australia.  Why? Here are 12 reasons why people go overseas to places like Bali to seek treatment.

  • Overseas treatment is far more affordable than treatment in Australia.
  • Bali is a beautiful place to be and gets them away from the temptation to go back to their old life. And they can’t just walk out of the facility and return easily; they have to book a plane and pay the air fare, so they tend to stay for the duration.
  • Bali drug rehabilitation has a great recovery rate.
  • Bali is the easiest overseas drug rehab place to access, being easier to get to than Thailand.
  • When they or their loved ones look into it, the programmes for drug rehab are drawn up to suit the individual and they are encouraged to own it by deciding exactly what they want.
  • There is an aftercare program that helps them to cope with life after the rehabilitation is complete.
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