Candi Dasa Gets More Attention as Bali Destination Worth Exploring

candi-dasaCandi Dasa is just a small resort on the eastern coastline. It’s often overlooked because it doesn’t get the attention of some of the heavier populated Bali areas. According to Indo, recently it has been getting more attention as more people discover that it offers an escape from all the hassles that are often found in the heavier populated tourist areas. There’s all kinds of things you can do. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Tenganan – located near Candi Dasa this is considered the village of the original Balinese people. They still live based on their ancient traditions. They are well known for their palm leaf calendars and ikat weaving. Go early in the day and avoid the busloads of tourists that come later in the day.

Tirta Gangga – Just north of Amplapura is this ancient water palace. It was destroyed by an earthquake but it remains the best-preserved water palace in all of Bali. Enjoy the beautiful garden and you can even swim in the royal pools, a once in a lifetime experience.

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